Firing Range Cleanup & Mining


Indoor / Outdoor Rubber Berm Cleaning & Steel Backstop Range Recycling of Lead

We at Accurate Recycling are dedicated to making shooting range maintenance as easy as possible. Not only can we reclaim and recycle the lead in your berms, but with our special process of screening your material, we are also removing the fragmented rubber chips that have outlived their usefulness in your berms.

What some other companies do is they clean your berms with either shaker tables, or hand held blowers. We have a special two step process that removes dust, paper, lint, and all your useless fragmented rubber. Not only does your berm look better, but it will perform better. Where many companies do this service and don't pay their customers, if the yield is good we can pay up to $0.20 per pound for your lead because we are faster, and more efficient.

Also, after the berm is reconstructed and cleaned we vacuum all walls, floors, and stalls as part of our service. We can also recycle all your lead filters.

We are a true one-stop shop to make the process more easy for our customers.

All you need to do is contact us. We will come down, inspect your berm at no charge, and then we can negotiate a date that we can come in with our equipment and process your range. It is that simple. Just give us a call, setup an appointment, and we will be there, anywhere in the United States.


Scrap Lead Pricing

Last Updated June 18, 2017

Prices are for scrap delivered to us. Call (732) 678 7223 for today's prices.

Prices are subject to change according to the market.

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Not only can we clean your gun range, but we can also remelt and recover lead from our customers. We are truly a one-stop lead processing facility.

Shot in the U.S.A., remelted in the U.S.A. Our material is sold in the U.S.A.


1,000 pound lead ingot pour in less than 1 minute.